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Why unlock your iphone

Everyday, thousands of people complain about their mobile network providers, and here in the US, it is quite normal. We complain about the weak signal, the expensive phone bills every month, the lack of friendly and efficient customer service, so on and so forth.

Because of contracts and restrictions, a lot of people have no other choice but to stick to their present carriers. This seems like a lost case especially to those who love the iPhoneparticularly the iPhone 5. But guess what? Not any more. The truth is, you only need to unlock iPhone 5 in order for you to achieve complete freedom. Then you will no longer have to get another phone, and there’s no more desperate need to switch carriers. All you need to get is another SIM from another carrier, and everything will be OK.

But what does ‘unlocking’ do?

To unlock the iPhone 5 means that you’ll be removing the restrictions your SIM has on the network. You will now be able to use your iPhone on different carriers, no matter what it is. Your phone’s hardware is no longer ‘exclusively’ tied to your carrier’s network.

The importance of unlocking your phone

The reasons why one wants to unlock iPhone 5 varies, but it always seems to come back to flexibility of use, especially when you’re a bit of a traveler in and out of the country. If your phone has exclusive ties to, let’s say, AT&T or Verizon or what have you, no matter where you are, no matter how weak your signal is, no matter how hard it is to get through to the network, or how slow the internet is, there’s nothing much you can do to fix the situation.

But if you have iPhone 5 unlocked, then it means you can switch SIMs, and no one will be any wiser. You can go on with your business, and perform your duties, just like you always have. All your photos, your memos, your messages, your emails, your phone book, would still be on the same phone. The only difference is the network it’s feeding on.

What if something happens to your phone?

Unlocking an iPhone 5 is not dangerous, and rarely does anything happen which can cause you to panic. Sometimes, it can mess up your settings, which you can fix manually yourselfvery easy to do. Or you can always restore your iPhone to its factory settings and start fresh. However, this truly rarely happens in any scenario after you unlock iPhone 5.

Do you need to jailbreak your phone before you unlock it?

Not necessarily, but there are people out there who need to jailbreak your phone before they can perform the unlocking method. I’m telling you though, there is no need for you to have your phone jailbroken if you don’t want to, and are completely contented with everything iPhone has to offer.

Jailbreaking means that the iPhone firmware would be modified so you can install 3rd party software to your phone. If you don’t want to do this, look for an expert who can just unlock it without having to jailbreak it.

Having to Unlock iPhone 5 is a great option if you want to keep the same number, and if you’re tired of the crappy service your old network provider has been giving you for the longest time. It can be cheaper too, whether you’re in the country, or traveling overseas. So go ahead and have your phone unlocked. You got nothing to lose.

Benefits of Unlocking Your 5S iPhone AT&T to T-mobile

What could it potentially improve?

The more fitting question here would be, what could not? With the unlock iPhone 5S at&t decision of the user comes the great advantages that one can really enjoy. These include but do not limit to:

  • Freedom from contracts – There was a time when people who had iPhone’s had to stick to the contracts that were often so oppressing for the people. Oftentimes, the people would find their phones locked in a contract that had really high payment plans. By unlocking it, the user can have the option to choose and even do away with contracts.
  • The convenience in traveling – There were days when an iPhone user had to buy another disposable phone every time he or she went abroad. This is due to the factory locked SIM card lock that the iPhone had on it. With an unlock iPhone 5, one can easily use a sim from that country without buying a new phone.
  • Useful for Emergency – An unlocked iPhone 5S is always more useful in case of an emergency than a LOCKED iPhone. You can use a different network no matter where you are or whenever you want it if you have your iPhone 5C unlocked. This is a great convenience to have because you never know when you might need to switch networks!
  • The freedom to choose carriers – In many countries such as the United States of America, the iPhone is somewhat only exclusive to a single carrier or phone network company. Because of this, people had no choice in the matter of carriers for their iPhone’s and would usually settle with whatever payment plans and availability of the iPhone they can get from a single carrier. With the unlocking of the phones, one really does not have much to worry about anymore.
  • More Apps – With an unlocked iPhone 5S on at&t, you will literally have more apps to your disposal. These apps are not the common apps that you see in iTunes or the Apple store. These are apps made for the convenience of the iPhone. It makes your iPhone more appealing and interesting. Think of it as an added power-up to your iPhone 5 that not everyone has!
  • Customization is in your Hands – One of the major complaints of iPhone owners is the lack of customization features of the phone. iPhone users are really stuck with the same interface for years, and yes, it does get tiring. So with a unlocking iPhone 5, you can have the power to customize your phone. You are no longer restricted to stick with the same old interface that has probably gotten too boring for you anyway. You can take advantage of changing the settings, theme, and everything you can in your iPhone 5.

What other reason is there to get it done?

at&t iphone unlocking helpThere are those who are afraid because of it being potentially illegal. It is not so these days. The courts have ruled that jailbreaking and unlocking of iPhone’s isn’t illegal since the people already paid for their phones and anything they want to do with them they can do so as they pleased.

You don’t have to think of reasons why you SHOULDN’T jailbreak or unlock your iPhone 5S. Instead, absorb all the information that you read and start having it unlocked and jailbreaked! You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that having an unlocked iPhone 5C is an advantage that you will truly appreciate.

Stop wasting time and have your iPhone 5S unlocked! You will definitely not regret your decision!

Jailbreak iPhone 3GS Cell Phones iOS, Smoothly And With No Effort Ultrasn0w on iPhone 3GS

You were enamored by the sleek design and unmatched features of iPhone 4S when you bought it under a 2 year contract from a carrier. Little did you realize then that you would be charged much more that other carriers charge their customers and you probably did not have an inkling of things to come as far as roaming charges were concerned?

You tried in desperation to insert the SIM of any other carrier but were shocked when the phone did not work on it. This and many other restrictions drive customers for iPhone 4S unlock. Unlocking is one way of saying no to the policy of keeping customers in the flock for a long time. Even those who know nothing about this process are seen frantically searching for easy and safe tools to get away from the tyranny of their carriers.

iPhone 4S unlock: What it entails
Apple sells factory locked iPhones that work only with the SIM of the carrier that sells them. This is achieved by making certain provisions in the operating system of the phones to prevent them from accepting the SIM of any other company. However, there are tech geeks who know how to make changes in this operating system to remove limitations imposed by Apple.

Right from the time when Apple came out with the first iPhone, these hackers have been helping iPhone owners to achieve freedom and have the liberty to make use of SIM of carrier of their choice. This they do by making changes in iOS, a practice that is disliked by Apple. Apple has even declared its warranties null and void for customers attempting tweaking of its operating system. The more Apple tried to keep its flock of customers intact, the more iPhone owners tried unlocking. Sensing its inability to stop customers from unlocking, Apple has even started to provide upgrades of iOS and patches to please customers. But those who have seen the drastic benefits of unlocking are not pleased with these sops.

iPhone 4S unlock is the real money saver
Unlocking breaks free a customer from the clutches of his carrier as he can throw the SIM of this carrier and start using his iPhone 4S as a GSM phone. This is a huge monetary benefit as outside carriers have very attractive and low tariff plans as compared to the carrier that sells iPhone 4S. Also, the roaming charges of all other carriers seem like peanuts when compared with those charged by the original carrier. In fact, so high are roaming fees that many iPhone owners leave their gadgets behind when going on a vacation to a foreign country. For these harried Phone 4S owners, the only option seems to be iPhone 4S unlock.

However, and herein lies the beauty of unlocking, money is not the only thing that drives Phone owners towards unlocking tools. There are two things that irritate iPhone owners the most and these pertain to customization and the fact that people cannot download and use apps outside the app store made by Apple. It is only natural for iPhone owners to be impressed by apps in the smartphones of their friends. But they are denied the liberty to share these apps. Unlocking removes these restrictions as well.

Take a look at this simple method to unlock iPhone 4S.

  1. Step 1: Go to Apple’s website and download iTunes
  2. Step 2: Connect your gadget with your computer using USB port
  3. Step 3: Save your phone’s content by making a copy in iTunes
  4. Step 4: Download the firmware from he company you have finalized
  5. Step 5: Click on the software and let it recognize the version of the phone
  6. Step 6: Connect the firmware with the phone trough USB
  7. Step 7: Put your device in the mode called DFU and reboot
  8. Step 8: on the home screen you find the app called Cydia
  9. Step 9: congrats! You have an unlocked iPhone 4S

Efficacious tool for iPhone 4S unlock

You can try out this method to unlock your Phone 4S that has been used by many owners earlier. However, if you are not very confident about your knowledge of the process of iPhone 4S unlock, it is better to stay away from such tools. This is because there is no one to help you in case you make an error in following the instructions. To make sure you get an unlocked Phone 4S, paying a small amount of money to the company is a good idea as it becomes a responsibility of the company to prevent any mishap and achieve unlock.